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Frustrated employee due to internet outage at the restaurant

Is Your Internet Service Killing Your Restaurant’s Profits?

By Christopher Walker | September 27, 2023

Internet outages are disruptive to restaurant businesses and affects store operations and customer loyalty

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Why 24/7 LIVE Support is Crucial to Your Restaurant Business

By Jadean Diaw | July 11, 2023

Unlike in the past, today’s restaurants run on internet technology. Tracking customer data, receiving online orders, completing transactions or running back-of-house operations consistently isn’t possible without reliable internet service. Technology problems can be detrimental to any business, including restaurants. When an IT issue occurs, all business comes to a halt, leaving employees and customers feeling…

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How to Keep Internet Outages From Impacting Your Restaurant Business

By Jeremy Kline | April 5, 2023

From online orders and mobile apps to day-to-day in-house tasks like tracking orders, running appliances, taking payments and more, fast and reliable internet service has become vital to efficient operations and profitability. But what happens when your restaurant’s internet experiences an outage? Here are three ways your business can be impacted.

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Data Security Report: Retail PCI Compliance in Decline

By SymplyFi | October 8, 2020

Retail PCI Compliance is getting worse. How Bad is It? Only 28% of global businesses were able to maintain full PCI DSS compliance last year! And according to the recently released Verizon Business 2020 Payment Security Report, that number has been on the decline, dropping 27% over the past 3 years. Even more alarming, the…

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Restaurant Phone Ordering is Making a Comeback

By Richard JB Campbell | September 8, 2020

There was a time, which seems so long-ago now, that the restaurant industry was thriving. New restaurants opened on a daily basis. They featured new ideas, technology, and formats to draw in customers. When one restaurant would shutdown, it seemed two more would take its place. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and many of those…

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How Quick Service Restaurant Operators Can Boost Productivity

By Richard JB Campbell | July 28, 2020

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) require a lot of planning and organization, and you can’t always do it alone. This is true whether you are just starting or have been around for years. Whether you need to improve your time management skills, better utilize staff, or looking to outsource some tasks, you know that there are…

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Offering Contactless Payments During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Richard JB Campbell | July 24, 2020

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues across the U.S., Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) are adapting to stay safe for customers and employees and competitive in this new landscape. Since COVID-19 isn’t showing any signs of going away soon, QSR are pivoting to the new normal to continue uninterrupted operations. Quick service and fast casual restaurants are…

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Update Your Drive-Thru for the COVID-19 Era

By Richard JB Campbell | June 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is catapulting an investment in technology to quickly transform the food service industry. With national and state health department guidelines on social distancing, Quick Service Restaurants are hustling to shift priorities on to-go orders. While there is an uptick in curbside pickup and delivery orders made via phone or Internet, restaurants with…

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QSR After COVID-19

By Richard JB Campbell | May 1, 2020

The Coronavirus crisis has shone a light on QSR dependence of reliable Internet connectivity to keep POS systems, VoIP phones, delivery app notifications, digital signage, kitchen displays and sensors all online. When you’re doing everything you possibly can to survive, it’s not enough to assume your local ISP is always going to be there for you.

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Future-Proof Your Restaurants to Maximize Profit

By Richard JB Campbell | April 8, 2020

More than ever, it’s become important that quick service restaurants (QSR) use technology to better serve customers and expand strained margins. It’s a two-way street… Customers expect the QSR experience to be as tech savvy as possible and restaurant owners need systems that make transactions run more efficiently. We’ve defined a few places in this article where restaurants can future-proof processes to serve more customers safely and quickly.

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