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We discovered years ago that complicated, non-secure, and poorly designed telecommunication and network solutions were costing multi-location businesses time, money, and headaches on a daily basis.
Often, business owners feel forced to cobble together Internet, phone, network, and firewall products from several different vendors to meet all their IT needs. This causes overly complicated systems that are impossible to repeat across multiple locations and carry expensive recurring costs. With more and more of your systems dependent on reliable Internet, it’s devastating when your connection fails.
That's why SymplyFi developed a single platform to handle business phone, Internet, network security, and other IT services designed just for companies managing multiple locations. Our solution can be set-up in a repetitive manner within hours, not weeks, making it possible to install at any scale. SymplyFi’s centralized network management automatically repairs any network issues and flips to 4G LTE backup Internet during local outages. Plus, our clients love that they have just one bill to pay each month and just one number to call if something ever does go wrong.
When store IT is simplified, multi-location companies can stop worrying about technology and simply focus on growing their business.

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