Reliable Internet Keeps Your Restaurants Open for Business

Keep Credit Card Payments Processing, Online Orders Coming, & Critical Systems Running - No Matter What!

Time Down is Money Lost

Stay Open with SymplyFi's Reliable Internet Solutions

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Your Internet is Always Connected

Reclaim downtime & eliminate revenue loss with SymplyFi's Reliable Internet Solution. Plus, with our automated 4G LTE failover, even local outages can't get you down!


You Can Provide Secure Guest WiFi

A separate guest WiFi means your critical system stay safe and have plenty of bandwidth, no matter how many customers are logged in.


You'll Never Again Deal with an ISP

SymplyFi is on your side when it comes to keeping up your store Internet. We do all the running around for you to make sure your critical systems are always connected.

Your Internet Service Shouldn't Be Working Against You

We know you can't afford to have Internet go out in any location — not for an hour, not for a minute. Almost everything in your stores stop working when the Internet goes down, but the big service providers just don't care. SymplyFi is on your side to consistently keep credit cards processing, online orders coming in, and all your systems connected. Our 4G LTE backup Internet keeps things running, even if there's a local outage. SymplyFi handles all Internet concerns for your stores, so that you never have to deal with an ISP again.
Store Internet that's On Your Side

SymplyFi's Reliable Internet Solution

  • Always-On Internet

    Your critical systems keep running, even during local internet outages with SymplyFi's built-in, automatic 4G LTE failover.

  • 24/7 System Monitoring

    SymplyFi proactively monitors your Internet connection and remedies any issues, often before you even notice a problem!

  • One Solution = One Bill

    Roll your phone, Internet, firewall, and other IT services into one easy-to-manage monthly bill from one company.

  • Stop Dealing with ISPs

    No matter how many locations you operate and where, SymplyFi does all the running around to manage your local Internet service. 

  • Guest WiFi

    A separate Guest WiFi makes sure there's plenty of bandwidth for critical store operations, no matter what how many customers are logged on. 

  • A Solution that Grows with You

    SymplyFi delivers a consistent store IT network, telephone, and guest WiFi configuration for your stores. Just plug it in and we take care of the rest!

  • Lower Operational Costs

    SymplyFi customers report a higher quality service at 40% average annual savings on the cost of voice, data, WiFi, Internet, and IT services.

  • Be Treated Like an Individual

    SymplyFi doesn't treat you like account number. We give one-on-one attention to your issues & concerns.

Internet Reliability That's Affordable

You no longer have to sacrifice quality & features for cost. The SymplyFi platform was built with value in mind to provide QSRs with high-quality phones, reliable Internet, secure firewall, and more at an affordable price. You get a complete solution that combines the reliability & quality of a larger provider with the affordability of cloud-based services.

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