Solving Multi-Location Retail IT Challenges

Realizing a converged networking infrastructure for various branches and affiliates of a business is a herculean task. The road to a robust networking infrastructure is even more challenging for organizations that are traditionally not-so- IT-savvy—retailers, for instance. In today’s complex network management paradigm, managing PBX systems, Wi-Fi routers and other Internet-enabled devices is only an elemental part of the network maintenance puzzle. Companies today need to do the heavy lifting of ensuring sufficient bandwidth access to cloud-based applications, setting aside readily deployable 4G network at the instance of the outage, and identifying and implementing necessary security tools.

While setting up dedicated IT teams across all their locations may be an expensive and a far-fetched idea, most organizations are forced to seek and source locally available, disjointed solutions via consultants, local telecom and managed services providers. With hands tied, their IT and networking spend continue to rise while the end-to-end network management becomes all the more cumbersome. Atlanta based SymplyFi blends ease into enterprise networking management. SymplyFi unifies cutting-edge cloud-based SD-WAN technology, high-end VoIP functionality, integrated 4G connectivity, relevant hardware components and all-around functional expertise. With such capabilities, all an enterprise needs to do is sign-up with the company’s flat-rate pricing to have their multi-location networks managed comprehensively.

SymplyFi’s solution stack includes managed Internet access across multiple branches, complete phone system, and local network infrastructure built on proprietary technology, with dedicated 4G LTE Internet backup systems to guarantee round-the-clock access to cloud services. Adding value to the SymplyFi’s solutions stack is their managed networking services which encompass relevant firewall capabilities and adherence to PCI compliance. Furthermore, their PBX infrastructure is designed to deliver the highest quality phone calls, irrespective of the Internet bandwidth utilization. In addition to providing a simple virtual WAN service for reliable, secure and inexpensive means of linking branch location—which in turn eliminates the need resort to expensive complex services from multiple telephone and cable companies—SymplyFi proactively monitors clients’ network reliability and performance across all locations.

SymplyFi’s ability to deliver robust connectivity is based on how they’ve positioned themselves as a provider whose connectivity is agnostic to local broadband vendors. SymplyFi purchases and establishes high capacity connections to Internet providers directly into their data centers. This ensures a much-lowered latency for their customer’s local network environments. On the 4G side, SymplyFi purchases blocks of spectrum from major telecom providers such that their customer connections are routed through the company’s private access points. “Recently when Comcast had a nationwide outage, our customers didn’t even realize there was an issue. Comcast’s problem was on the edge of their network where they transitioned their customer’s data to the public Internet. Our Comcast based customers get into our data center over our direct links to the Comcast backbone. Their public Internet connections are via the SD-WAN backbone and not the local ISP so they never saw a problem. Our robust infrastructure design has multiple links with major ISPs and cloud providers to minimize latency and peering issues,” says Richard JB Campbell, CEO of SymplyFi. He recalls the success story of one of their clients, a prominent local restaurant franchise that was able to avert a 13 hour Internet outage during a major sporting event in the city by leveraging SymplyFi’s 4G LTE backup.

Looking ahead, SymplyFi plans launch version 3.0 of their BranchOS software and focus more into market segments with a dependence on in-person transactions such as retail, hospitality and other areas where the need for efficiency in managing multi-location networks is high.

This article was originally published by Enterprise Networking magazine.

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SymplyFi is a single platform to handle business phone, Internet, network security, and other IT services designed just for companies managing multiple locations. Our solution can be set-up in a repetitive manner within hours, not weeks, making it possible to install at any scale. SymplyFi’s centralized network management automatically repairs any network issues and flips to 4G LTE backup Internet during local outages. Plus, our clients love that they have just one bill to pay each month and just one number to call if something ever does go wrong. When store IT is simplified, multi-location companies can stop worrying about technology and simply focus on growing their business.

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