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You Will Keep Getting Calls

SymplyFi's Enterprise-Quality Phone System is so reliable, we guarantee 99% uptime! Plus with our 4G LTE Backup, you're always connected even if local Internet goes down!

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You Can Lose the Frustration

Phone menus & call routing can be confusing to set up. SymplyFi's Auto-Attendant is easy. We do all the work ahead of installation to make sure calls get to the right place.


You Keep Your Same Numbers

We're here to solve your headaches, not create more problems. You can keep all of your current numbers. We handle all the portage.

Never Miss Another Phone Order

Business phone service from cable and phone corporations are expensive, complicated, and it can take forever to get help when something goes wrong. Cloud-based phone lines from online companies are often unreliable, of poor voice quality, and offer virtually no support. 

At SymplyFi you are treated like an individual, not an account number.  You'll get a reliable, enterprise-quality phone system that guarantees 99% uptime, doesn't cost a ton, and includes 24/7 system monitoring with human support. We set up menus and call-routing to your specifications. Plus, our system is chock-full of features designed specifically for your business. Your locations can serve more clients, more efficiently with a reliable, crystal clear phone system built just for you.

A Feature-Rich Phone System Built Just for You!

Business Phone with Auto-Attendant

24/7 System Monitoring

SymplyFi's platform is monitored around-the-clock to make sure nothing goes wrong.


No matter how many calls you expect to receive, our infrastructure easily grows to accommodate your needs.

4G LTE Backup

Automated failover keeps phones ringing even during a local outage.

Automated Answering

SymplyFi sorts all of it out for you! Your calls are automatically answered and routed to the appropriate line. Calls may be routed to any phone number, whether it's in your office or a remote employee.

Dynamic CateringQ Agents

Cut down on overhead. Your employees can login and logout of the systems, from anywhere, on any phone... no app required!

Unlimited Local Calls

We don't nickel-and-dime you. No 'per-minute' charges for calls to your local phone numbers.

Multiple Menu Options

Your callers will get quick answers! You can add multiple custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu options to route calls based on caller input.

Never Miss an Order

Voicemails can be delivered directly to any designated email inbox, making it easy to review and sort important messages and orders.

Unlimited Agents

The sky is the limit when it comes to taking your phone calls. There are no restrictions to the number of agents you can have logged in at once.

No More Endless Ringing

Play custom announcements and music while an unlimited number of callers wait for your next available agent. Unanswered calls can be sent to voicemail or forwarded if no agents are available.

Robust Reporting

SymplyFi's weekly phone usage report is delivered straight to your inbox and details the number of calls and transfers each branch receives.

Track It!

System reporting lets multiple telephone numbers be used to track specific marketing campaigns.

Reliability that's Affordable

The Best of Both Worlds

You no longer have to sacrifice voice quality & features for cost. SymplyFi's Phone System was built with value in mind. When you pair phones with our 4G LTE Internet backup, you get a complete solution that combines the reliability & quality of a larger provider with the affordability of cloud-based services.

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