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Yes, There is a Better Way!

Skip the Nerdy Stuff!

Some people love the thrill of a challenge. They take the time and enjoy creating a network from the bottom-up.

We are those people and we've done the heavy lifting for you!

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    IT Services, Support, & System Monitoring

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    Built-In, Automatic 4G Backup Internet

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    Extremely Easy PCI Compliance

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    Super Secure Firewall

How Technical Do I Need to Be?

The only requirement to use SymplyFi is that you need to be able to call our single phone number to reach our customer support team — that’s all. Taking the complexity out of the technology is our secret sauce (Guess it’s not so secret now!).

After you get set up, everything is pretty much on autopilot. Your team gets to do what they do best without the worry of the Internet or phones going down. 

Of course if something does go wrong, we also have a bunch of socially awkward IT nerds that are desperately looking for someone to talk to! They are eager to work with you or your existing IT staff to provide advanced technical support if needed.

Symply Get Set Up

SymplyFi doesn’t require a massive investment, doesn’t drag everyone through a long implementation process, and doesn’t add to the burdens of your already-stressed IT resources.

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    Get a Quote

    Our client success manager will reach out to you with some questions about your locations and provide you with your quote.

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    Schedule Install

    Once your quote is approved, we'll schedule an installation date & time that works best for you. All your new equipment will be set-up & tested by SymplyFi technicians and sent to you.

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    Install Your Equipment

    On the scheduled installation date, you’ll simply plug in all of your SymplyFi equipment and our support team will walk you through the install. Or we can send an install tech to your site to setup everything, if you want.

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    Run Your Business!

    After installation, we will provide any necessary training to your team and start monitoring your locations 24/7. That's it! There's nothing else you need to do. You can rest easy knowing your network will always be up and issues are automatically resolved.

We're Here for You!

A few years ago, we realized how much of an expensive, headachy task it is for retail businesses, restaurants, multi-unit franchises and others with multiple locations to find, deploy and manage secure, reliable telecommunication and networking solutions.


Today, we're ready to help get your business connected and to keep it running — even when your local Internet goes down (thanks to our 4G Internet backup). We’ve created a range of total solutions for businesses of all sizes. As your business grows, we’ll be able to provide the solution that scales perfectly.

It's Easy to Get Started!

Contact SymplyFi today to set up your total multi-unit retail and restaurant telecommunications, Internet, networking, & IT solution!